Video Note

State of the Union Analysis with Blumenthal, Fischer, Castro, Schock, DeGette, Hoeven

Steve Clemons discusses post-State of the Union politics with members of Congress,  Ron Brownstein and Molly Ball at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

Steve Clemons interviews Peter Orszag

Steve Clemons and Peter Orszag talk global politics and world economy at The Atlantic’s View From The Top series in New York City.


Steve Clemons with Shriver, Slaughter, and Chopra

At The Atlantic’s Shriver Report Live event, Steve Clemons interviewed Maria Shriver, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Deepak Chopra on measuring compassion in our society.

Steve Clemons Interviews Deepak Chopra

At UC San Diego, Steve Clemons interviews the wellness guru to the stars Deepak Chopra at The Atlantic Meets the Pacific conference.

Padmasree Warrior on “The Internet of Everything “

Steve Clemons interviews Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer, Padmasree Warrior at the inaugural Silicon Valley Summit in Mountain View, CA.